5 Anime Boys Of Your Dreams

If when asked which celebrity you would date, and you would immediately blurt out — “Prince Kaname!” — then maybe this article is perfect for you. Here we have rounded up a list of delicious anime boys that we think would make perfect boyfriends, or husbands, if you are ready to commit.

5 Anime Boys of Your Dreams

#1 Usui Takumi – Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

Incredibly popular, handsome and blonde — here is a man who would never let you be lonely. On top of being the son of wealthy inheritance, he is caring and always there for the Student President Misaki. Loyal and kind, try to gain his attention by putting on a tsundere act.

#2 Gohan – Dragonball Z

Sure, when we first met Gohan, he was a crybaby. Under the guidance of his parents, he has grown into a dependable and caring hero. Although most of his time is spent on the battlefields saving the day, he will be the most reliable partner you can ask for.

#3 Sasuke – Naruto

Admit it — you like the idea of being the beacon of light for the brooding, cold emo boy. Though popular, this one is probably clueless about romance. If you are one who loves having your personal space, there is no better candidate. Sasuke does come off as being a tad untouchable, so if that frightens you, you can always opt to crush on his good looks from afar.

#4 Makishima Shougo – Psycho-Pass

Dating a psychopath is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this man’s charisma, wit and the ability to wreck chaos upon society is bound to capture your attention. His ideals (and appearance) are so beautiful that it intrigues and tames even the most insane criminals. Soft and angelic on the outside, here is a man not many can touch.

#5 Tsuruga Ren – Skip Beat

Tsuruga-senpai is every girl’s dream man — successful, elegant and poised. Tall, dark and handsome, he is the definition a trophy husband. On top of this, Ren is committed to one girl and has a strong sense of loyalty. He is always loitering in the background, ready to take care of you at the skip of a heartbeat.

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