5 Anime Terms You Should Know

Do you think you are enough of an anime Otaku? Let’s put your knowledge to test with our extensive list of terminology! We hope these words won’t prove you an average baka.

5 Anime Terms You Should Know!

#1 Baka

If you did not even know what “baka’ meant, then you need to re-educate yourself. It is the Japanese word for dummy, used to tease someone you want to call a fool or idiot. Sometimes it is used by bashful shoujo heroines when they are embarrassed.

Sample sentence: “You didn’t know I liked you all this time? Baka!”

#2 Yaoi

A common slang term in Japan — Yaoi is a subgenre that focuses on romantic relationships between two male characters. These stories are typically aimed at a female audience.

Sample sentence: “She wrote yet another yaoi fan fiction featuring Lelouch and Suzaku.”

#3 Doujinshi

Doujinshi are the Japanese term of fan fiction or self-published works. Though they are usually the creation of amateurs and hobbyists, some professional mangakas do publish doujinshi outside of the mainstream industry.

Sample sentence: “You can find millions of Attack On Titan doujinshi with sexual content online.”

#4 Nakama

Very much like another word for team or gang, nakama is a term one uses to describe a group of unrelated people who has formed a familial bond.

Sample sentence: “I will protect you even if it costs my life — because we are nakama!”

#5 Otaku

The word otaku — literally meaning a hardcore nerd — sometimes have a negative connotation. It is commonly used to describe a delusion fan who spends more time with the anime world than with reality.

Sample sentence: “If you are a true anime fan, you should embrace the identity of being an otaku.”

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