5 Most Iconic Theme Song

With thousands of spectacular soundtracks in the anime industry, it is not easy to narrow down a list of good anime songs. However, there are a few theme songs that stands out as iconic classics. Here are some that will have you humming along as soon as the introduction is played. Do check: Anime Girl Wallpapers 4K [ Free Download ]

5 Most Iconic Theme Song

#1 Tonari No Totoro — My Neighbour Totoro

Although this beloved children’s movie has an equally catching opening theme, we selected to highlight its infamous ending song. Joe Hisaishi, the musical genius behind all of Hayao Miyazaki’s beautiful films, understands how to make music that sings from the heart. With sing-able lyrics (“To-to-ro, to-to-ro!”), this is a theme song that captures the whimsical magic of this animated masterpiece. It is no wonder it is universally sung by those who grew up with Totoro.

#2 Pegasus Fantasy — Saint Seiya

Just try it once. This is the song to play if you want to watch anime fanboys do a impromptu number of karaoke. Pegasus Fantasy opens with an engaging guitar hook, as the title “Saint Seiya” flashes across the universe in bold block lettering. This song is a true piece of iconic anime music — I even have it as my ringtone.

#3 Guren No Yumiya — Attack On Titan

The moment it opened for the recent most hyped about anime, this powerful became an instant cultural hit. With lyrics perfectly tuned to the themes of the series, this opening is like an strong declaration of war. Speaking of freedom and will power, the singer sets the mood for the story to unfold. It is so popular that is has been sung and played by many, with artists worldwide coming up with their own instrumental and vocal covers.

#4 We are! — One Piece

The opening theme song of One Piece is so well loved that it has been reworked multiple times throughout the span of the show. In some episodes, it is even shown with the whole cast performing the song. It is not a wonder that this lively piece can be such a huge hit, as it is the perfect introduction to the buoyant energy of Japan’s number one anime. Creators must have written such a catchy chorus for audience to sing-along with.

#5 Cruel Angel Thesis — Neon Genesis Evangelion

Also rewritten numerous times with multiple variations, this lyrical piece is the iconic opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It is so widely sung at one point that it was crowned as the “most-hated karaoke song” in Japan!

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