Anime Was a Mistake!

Many of us heard about anime. It is one of the famous Japanese animated TV shows that gets telecasted around the globe. The fan base of anime is pretty much huge. From adults to teenagers, anime fans see no age bar. You can always know anime was basically a mistake in AnimeHaven.

Miyazaki stated a quote a few seasons back that anime was a mistake rather and is nothing but a trash. Yes, you read it right. This statement gave shocks to a million anime fans. Not a single fan expected such a comment from a responsible and reputed person like him.

Anime Was a Mistake 2020

anime was a mistake
Anime Was a Mistake. It’s nothing but trash.

Miyazaki is popular for his hard dismissals, but it is believed that there is some political strategy behind this comment. He also has criticized the US when ‘Spirited Away‘ was awarded Oscar 2003. Also, he didn’t travel to the biggest big market and that is Hollywood.

But he later quoted that he refused to go there to take prestigious awards as he has no desire to see who is actually making the life of Iraqi people more of a hell by bombing anytime they like.

And this comments no doubt reflects the character of an artist. He follows politics deeply and takes an active involvement in this topic. So the statement. “Anime was a mistake, nothing but a trash ‘ particularly from him is not a big deal.

He is rather an artist who has specific choices and absolute focused on particular things. He is on focused on the storyline, that is the message and value it is passing but the politics and culture it is following have many more.

According to him, he explained that he is highlighted in anime as bad only because it gets served for adult male fans and it includes the huge amount of fetishism and also has adult content. He also highlighted how it is being an imperialist animation show.

He has a great amount of problem that many famous TV shows don’t reflect any encouraging or good message. He also asked many questions to an audience as well justifying his own statement.

Well, to an extent he is true, also he also pointed out the issues of showing inappropriate content which is not reflecting the true value of TV show should.

Well, it is arguable that different people have different opinions but is absolutely Tue that the fan base of anime is still huge and is growing every single day.

Few of them have started thinking about their lovable show in different view making Miyazaki’s statement true.

He has also explained his concern that anime and how it should be watched. But, everyone has their own opinion.

The small group agreed on Miyazaki mentality and some rejected. But we must conclude Miyazaki has a bold character and even for a second never hesitates to take a stand without caring what audience may think of him.

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