Fooly Cooly (FLCL) by Kazuya Tsurumaki – Anime Review

Description: Plot

Fooly Cooly is a uniquely funny 6 part anime series about a reluctantly bored 12-year-old boy Naota. Naota’s life has been so simple and routinely until one day, a mysterious woman crushed her Vespa motorbike into Naota. This incident totally changed Naota’s otherwise boring life and transforms it into a fun and yet complicated one.

The arrival of the mysterious woman into Naota’s life was further aggravated by his brother’s girlfriend Mamimi Samejima and many other community members of Mambase, an equally boring town where Naota lives.

After the smashing incident with the mysterious woman, Naota’s head started popping out weird things. This made the mysterious woman, Haruko Haruhara to stay with Naota’s household to monitor his behavior. From then on the story tackles the intrinsic happenings in the life of Naota, as he struggles with puberty and his interactions with the people tormenting his life.

Bizarre and Unexplainable

At first, Fooly Cooly may seem your ordinary anime series, in the likes of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. But what sets it apart from all the rest of the anime series is the way it treats life in general as simple and yet complex web of events that intertwines with each other. Naota is your ordinary 12-year-old kid who is at the stage in his life where everything seems bizarre and unexplainable. Funny thing is Fooly Cooly treats this stage in a boy’s life in a funny, shamelessly good and stupidly happy way. It resonates with satirical innuendos and yet because of good and witty dialogues, it manages to pull these all out.

Funny Anime, but NOT Silly

Being funny may appeal to other audiences as being childish. But because of the side-storylines embedded in the Fooly Cooly series, the more mature message that it wants to convey is effectively expressed. The side storylines involves issues haunting adolescents, such as sexual awareness and emotional confusion. And this makes Fooly Cooly an anime series an engaging and interesting series to watch or read. It is not silly and yet stupidly funny. It is not serious and yet has mature story-sidelines. Indeed, it is wickedly weird.


On the technical side, Fooly Cooly utilizes high quality graphic animation while combing some 2-D arts specifically to exhibit silly sequences. This is a refreshing treat since viewers will not be bored with the straightforward animation of the high-tech graphical rendition.


Another outstanding feature of Fooly Cooly is in its equally awesome sound track mostly performed by the rock group, the Pillows. The musical pieces suits the over all mood and theme of the story and adds up to the engaging factor of the animehaven series.


Fooly Cooly is a great anime series worthy to be watched over and over again.

  • Keywords: FLCL Naota Mamimi Samejima Haruko Haruhara
  • Sound & Graphics: Very Good
  • Entertainment Value: Excellent
  • Replay Value: Excellent
  • Plot: Very Good
  • Genre: Drama, Mecha, Comedy, Action, Science Fiction
  • Episodes: 6
  • Studio: Gainax Production I.G (Japan), Synch-Point (USA)

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