The Scariest 3 Psychopaths in Anime

In life or in fiction, psychopaths are frightening enigmas. They are individuals who are characterized by antisocial behavior, a lack of empathy and disinhibited behavior. Despite their harm to the peace and order of society, many of them are influential, charming and charismatic. As characters in anime come across psychopathic adversaries, these unique characters challenge the roots and stronghold of human nature.

#1 Johan Liebert – Monster

There is not one character in anime history that comes as close as Johan Liebert in the definition of a true psychopath. Johan is not just a character from an anime series, but a truly well written horror villain who would fit right into a masterpiece of any genre. Naturally charismatic, blessed with a beautiful, unreadable face, he is intelligent in his thought process and mysterious in his intent. His overarching goal is simple — a desire to kill off humanity. While he doesn’t conduct the killing himself in most cases, he is a master of manipulation, making those around him into monsters that follow his lead. Unlike most anime heroes, Johan does not have supernatural help to rely on, making his grand plans and action scarily realistic.

Scary factor: As a highly skilled psychopath, Johan uses only his intuition and his strong understanding of human nature to manipulate others to commit evil. His ability specializes in breaking the human mind, causing misfortune to those who cross path with him.

#2 Makishima Shougo – Psycho-Pass

Similar to Johan, Makishima Shougo is the charismatic antagonist in Gen Urobuchi’s Psycho-Pass. Responsible for the many crimes that plague the main cast in the beginning of the series, here is a character that challenges the Sybil System — society’s flawless system to measure one’s psychological stability. The first time Makishima crosses path with protagonist Akane is the moment that marked him a true psychopath. Despite committing murder in front of the officer’s eyes, his emotions are unchanged, and his crime level remained at zero. He is a man whose sins cannot be measured.

Scary factor: Makishima is not only a ruthless, unfeeling villain — he is also a philosophy nut with a deep understanding of humanity. Like Johan, he is a born manipulator.

#3 Bluebeard – Fate/Zero

Bluebeard is the caster-class servant in Fate/Zero, summoned by a bored young teen with a similar sadistic streak. This character is based off of Gilles de Rais, a royalty from the 14th century Britain who had a reputation of being a serial killer of children. His anime counterpart shares the same qualities, and derives pleasure from terrorizing and murdering young victims. He describes the process with much zeal, claiming that human organs are colorful works of art.

Scary factor: He sees his psychopathic rampage with his master as entertainment and murders hordes of children as means of enjoyment.

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